Do you find yourself asking, "What is my internet speed?" Use our speed test to find out. You'll see your actual upload and download speeds. Then you can decide if your current Internet is fast enough for what you need to do online.

Test Your Internet Speed

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Why should I test my Internet Speed?

Every once in a while everyone gets a little restless while waiting for a page to load. They wonder to themselves, "Exactly what is my Internet speed?" You're paying for 10 mbps or 5 mbps or whatever, but at that moment it seems a lot more like little to no mbps. The first step you'll want to take when you're experiencing slow Internet speed is a bandwidth speed test. To check Internet speed effectively and quickly you can go to and run a quick online speed test or, better, use our widget right here on this page! In the future you'll be able to see the results of your old broadband speed tests. This helps to keep track of the overall health of your Internet connection in case you need to contact your Internet Service Provider.

The first part of the speed check is the system finding the test-server closest to you. Once our speedtest finds the best server, it will start a "ping test" and measure how long it takes a single packet of information to go from your computer, to the test-server, and then back. Your ping results reflect how well streaming video and game connections perform on your computer. This is pretty important for most of us! For more details and a school-style letter grade of your connection, you can go to and do another quick and free test.

In the second phase of the test, your computer will start downloading a file from the test-server. There's a cool speedometer that gives you real-time results as it's downloading the file. If you are paying for a 10 mbps connection, that should reflect in the shown speed. At the end of phase two, the site displays an overall average of the file download and moves on to phase three. You can probably guess that phase three is an upload test. It's the same process as in phase two, but in reverse.

Internet Speed Test

I took the Internet Speed Test. What now?

If your results are consistently below your expectation, there's a quick and easy step you can take to speed up your Internet connection. This step is to turn off power to your Internet modem and wireless router. They could be separate devices or they can be an all-in-one piece of equipment. Don't worry about breaking anything as rebooting these is standard procedure. Just unplug the power and leave it off for a good ten to twenty seconds. There are many Internet customers who mistakenly believe that they shouldn't have to take this step, but when they call their Internet Service Provider they will inevitably have to do this. Incredibly, there will be people who refuse to do it! Talk about cutting off the nose to spite the face! The point is, even as advanced as the Internet is, it's far from perfect and sometimes electronics need a quick reboot.

Hopefully when you run the tests you'll find out that your connection is perfect. And you'll be able to stream the latest animal tickling video on YouTube. But if you're getting poor results on the tests and rebooting the modem doesn't work, give your Internet Service Provider a call and let them know about your speedtest results and that you need help with a slow Internet fix.

Finally, one free call to Allconnect is all you need to find the best high speed Internet service and the best rates in your area. Give us a call to see what Internet providers are available in your area.

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